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Case Study: Project from Studies

The app provides seamless access to limitless travel opportunities, allowing users to easily book tickets and explore the world.


Research, UX/UI Design


March 2022

The Challenges

This app has all the information you need to book a flight and travel anywhere you want, so you don't need to use any other apps.



Participants answered 12 questions on their experience using existing platforms, their basic needs and struggles, and which information is most relevant to them in closed interviews.

50 people completed the survey.


  •  Users use a few platforms to access more options of flights.

  • Users use a few platforms to access more options of prices.

  •  They buy flight tickets through reliable and unreliable websites.

  • Some users only book flights through their airline's website.

  • Some individuals are hesitant to find their own flight tickets online, therefore they solely utilize travel agencies.

Competitive Analysis

I looked at the three most popular platforms to find a way to fly from place to place, find tickets, book more flights etc.


  •  My user is 22 year old men who is a university student.

  •  He uses my product to get from one country to another

  •  FlyApp allows the user to have all the information needed for transportation getting from flight to flight with purchase tickets and everything needed.

  • It offers quick routes and affordable options to save time and money.


  • The administrator of the FlyApp has the distinct advantage of being used by endless users.

  • Furthermore, as an administrator, they have complete end-to-end information regarding the flights available on the platform.

  • This includes detailed route information, tickets, and app-notified travel time, delays, and other concerns.

User Pain Points

  • High Prices: Users often find flight ticket prices to be expensive and may struggle to find affordable options for their desired destinations.

  • Complex Search Process: Some flight apps have complicated search interfaces, making it difficult for users to quickly find the flights they need with the right filters and options.

  • Hidden Fees: Extra charges and hidden fees during the booking process can catch users off guard, leading to a sense of mistrust and dissatisfaction with the app.

  • Lack of Transparency: Users may feel frustrated when flight apps don't provide clear information about baggage policies, cancellation fees, or other crucial details.

User Journey

Site Map.png

User Flow

User Task Flows.png


I started creating the wireframes after obtaining all the data.

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 29.png

Design Guidelines

Color Palette

Because I find the colors to be both peaceful and warm,

I've always wanted to design a happy place flight ticket purchase with good coloring application.
I created this application with the goal of making booking a flight as simple and enjoyable as possible.







Fonts and Typography

I used "Poppins" for the main type and "Aleo" for the headers when designing FlyApp.
These geometric sans-serif fonts and highly readable in my opinion.
Making a reservation should be pleasant, simple, and fun. This will add freshness to my design.





Main Text


App Logo


Button Design

BTN Search.png
Complete Design

UI Design


The oneboarding page is the first page that introduces the FlyApp


The homepage features a flight search from any location to the desired location.

iPhone 12 Pro (Wooden Hands)_edited.png

Search Results

The search results include information about the flight options for the search you conducted.

Flight Booked

It is the ticket you purchased for the upcoming flight you booked.

Ticket and flight info

The ticket and flight information provide all of the necessary information about the flight as well as any restrictions that must be known.

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