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On October 7, 2023, Israel faced unparalleled bloodshed, making it the most horrific day in the country's history since the Holocaust. At 6:30 a.m., almost 3,000 missiles were launched, and Hamas forces broke over the Gaza-Israel border. The coordinated attacks on military posts and residential areas resulted in the sad deaths of 1,438 people, including civilians and security personnel, and the kidnapping of around 250 persons, including children. This day of enormous sorrow underlined the critical need for credible information in the face of pervasive disinformation, paving the way for the development of "Comando Facts." This platform was created to deliver factual, fact-checked news in order to combat disinformation and assist the community in properly understanding and navigating the situation's intricacies.


The Challenge

Following the horrific events of October 7th, disinformation circulated quickly, heightening tensions and confusion in a moment of national emergency. In the aftermath, the breakdown in reliable information distribution resulted in diminished worldwide support for Israel. "Facts Commando" was designed to effectively combat disinformation, restoring clarity and support through verified, accurate facts. This platform aims not only to educate, but also to stabilize public image amid periods of political and social instability.


The Audience

"Comando Facts" primarily serves Israelis and global citizens seeking reliable information amidst conflict-driven misinformation. The audience includes a diverse group of engaged individuals, ranging from young adults to seniors, who rely heavily on digital platforms for news and updates. These users value accuracy and are proactive in seeking out fact-checked content to counteract fake news. They typically use smartphones and social media to access and share information, emphasizing the need for a user-friendly, mobile-optimized platform.

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We found several examples of misrepresentation concerning the Israel-Hamas war. Our research showed that false information increased during critical conflict moments, affecting public image and support.

הורדה (1).jpeg

This data emphasizes the vital need for 'Comando Facts' to deliver verified, factual content to combat disinformation and promote informed public conversation.


Empathy Map

To lay the groundwork for identifying "who the average user is" within our product, we meticulously analyzed the survey data. Our goal was to uncover clear patterns that would reveal key characteristics of our users, setting the stage for the development of a central persona.

Empathy map persona men.png

The Persona

Ezra Levi

A 58-year-old cab driver from Petah Tikva, Israel, has spent the last two decades engaging with a wide range of passengers, exposing him to numerous opinions on Israel's geopolitical position.


This exposure has driven his desire to promote a truthful portrayal of Israel, which he balances with his responsibilities as a husband and father of two.

  • 58 year old

  • Taxi driver

  • Married with two kids

  • Lives in Petah Tikva, Israel

  • Middle-low income level


Goals    Needs


His primary aim is to enhance Israel’s global image by distributing accurate and compelling content swiftly and efficiently. He is dedicated to sharing only reliable information that showcases Israel in a positive light, driven by a desire to correct misconceptions and influence international perceptions positively.

Pain Points

Given the prevalence of disinformation, verifying content before sharing is vital yet time-consuming. He also struggles emotionally with internet criticism and hate, complicating his mission.

Relevant Patterns Of Behavior

Mostly advocates daily via technology. He frequently uses his phone for work and personal purposes, updating and sharing stuff on the fly. He uses his phone to explore apps and sites to join debates and swiftly share proper information despite his weak technological skills. This connectedness lets him drive and promote facts.

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