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Empathy Map

The design thinking session included creating empathy maps for each persona, with an emphasis on feelings, ideas, and expressions in clinical settings. The first step fostered open-minded creation, while the second phase polished solutions through interviews and mapping. This technique improved understanding of the difficulties and offered suggestions for better clinical skill learning using technology. The findings were crucial in developing a solution that is inclusive and fits the different demands of cognitive occupational therapy.

The Persona

Anna Murray

A 44-year-old practitioner from Surrey, UK, with 19 years of expertise treating patients with a wide range of health and behavioral concerns.


This experience has inspired her to enhance the lives of her patients by providing better living circumstances and making life simpler for them.

  • 44 year old

  • Occupational therapy practitioner

  • Married with three kids

  • Lives in Surrey, UK

  • Middle income level

Goals & Needs

Her major objective is to develop methods to engage her patients using memory retention techniques. Her goal is to help people preserve and even enhance their memory despite cognitive deterioration.

Pain Points

Managing private care in clinics may be challenging, since it requires individualized therapy to match individual requirements.
Difficulties in persuading patients to practice between sessions and adhere to the therapeutic plan.
She is treating a patient suffering from cognitive decline and depression, as well as considerable memory impairment. Despite practicing memory recall procedures, the patient feels uninspired and abandons the exercises owing to increased depression.

Relevant Patterns Of Behavior

To promote engagement, Anna uses humor, avoids terminology like "strategy," and tailors language to the patient's preferences. This technique enhances patient participation while emphasizing the intricacies of cognitive treatment.

She works individually with each patient at the clinic, looking for the most effective therapy options. She personalizes treatment and tests new approaches to provide the greatest potential results for her patients.

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