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Railways App

I created and researched the Israel Railways app.
I wanted to improve what was already there and make changes to it, open the search option from anywhere to everywhere you want to go, with the ability to buy tickets, without using any other apps.


The Challenges

Instead of using other apps, this app gives the ability to buy tickets to ride the train and other forms of transportation and provides all the necessary information.


Competitive Analysis

I looked at the three most popular platforms to find a way to get from place to place, purchase tickets, etc.


  •  My user is 24 year old men who are working as a security guard to the United States of America Embassy.

  •  He uses my product to get to work and any other place that he need to reach to

  •  RailWays allows the user to have all the information needed for transportation getting from place to place with purchase tickets and everything needed.

  • It offers limitless transit routes and vehicles to save time and money.


  • The administrator of the RailWays transportation app has the distinct advantage of being used by endless users.

  • Furthermore, as an administrator, they have complete end-to-end information regarding the transportation available on the platform.

  • This includes detailed route information, tickets for all types of transportation, and app-notified travel time, delays, and other concerns.

User Pain Points

  • The only way to buy tickets for rides is through outside apps; Israel Railways does not offer this service.

  • There is no other way to get from one area to another save seeing train information.

  • The location of the train cannot be seen.

  • There are no updates regarding the train

User Interview

I conducted closed and open interviews with participants who were asked to answer 13 different questions about their experience using existing platforms, their basic needs and struggles, and which information is most relevant to them. 

The closed survey received 30 responses.


  • Most users use Moovit app instead to check up on the transportation and to pay through it.

  • The Israel Railways app is not always available.

  • The information is not updated entirely.

  • It is not possible to make payments through the app itself.

  • There is no notification to check up on the transportation information.

  • There is no other option to contact customer support except email.


User Journey

User Journey.png

User Flow

User Flow.png

High Fidelity Wireframes

I started creating the wireframes after obtaining all the data.



Full ride info

Ticket purchase

Design Guidelines

Color Palette

I've always wanted to create a simple all-in-one app with the colors to be both cold and light. I created this program with the goal of making train reservations as simple and convenient as possible.









Fonts and Typography

I used "Prompt" for the main type and "Arimo" for the headers when designing Railways.
These geometric sans-serif fonts and highly readable in my opinion.
Making the search and reservation pleasant, simple, and fun. 



Main Text

Button Design

Search BTN.png
Nav BAr.png

Micro Interactions



Complete Design

Design Solution


The onboarding page provides all of the information required to use the app.

iPhone 12 Pro.png


The homepage includes all of the app's capabilities, such as ride search, train update notifications, ride history, and more.


The app search allows you to find any ride from your current location to your final destination using a combination of trains and other transportation options without having to use any other apps.

iPhone 13 Pro.png

Train Ride Results

Train ride information provides all of the necessary information to utilize the train and purchase a ticket for the ride.

Full Ride Information

Ride information provides all of the necessary information to use the train with other types of transportation, including a full schedule and map of the ride, as well as the option to purchase tickets for the entire journey.

Ticket Purchase

The ticket purchase page is the final page after purchasing the tickets. It is a QR code that can be seen again at the homepage until it is used and then gone to the ride history.


I methodically addressed the inadequacies of existing transportation networks during the RailWay study and design phase. When the development was finished, I realized how important it was to include features like the ability to adjust between dark and bright modes for viewing based on the time of day. Furthermore, I ensured that the sophisticated and standard search functions are for a much bigger audience to use this app in all types of transportation both globally and nationally.

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