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Streaming Service

The goal of researching and designing "UniverseTV" as a streaming service was to provide my users with an all-in-one service that offered an infinite number of options for watching whatever they desired, without the differences found in today's streaming services. It allows you to watch whatever you want, including movies and TV shows, songs mentioned in shows and lyrics, and searches—all without the need for Netflix, Disney+, or other subscription services.


The Challenges

Many people use streaming platforms, and the majority of them play or watch for free on pirate websites, which is dangerous for their devices and privacy. The platforms differ in terms of price and content displayed in different locations.


Competitive Analysis

I looked at three major competing streaming sites, and each has a different selection of content depending on who created it. If the material is not available on the platform, the user's options are limited. By utilizing a few platforms in this manner, users can gain more viewing options.


  •  My user is a law students working in Israel's Courts Administration.

  •  He uses my product in his spare time and when studying. 

  •  UniversalTV allows them to broaden his knowledge for both education and  employment, allowing him to become more proficient as future lawyers.

  •  My user can utilize the program to improve his talents as both great legal   professional and passionate student.


  •  The administrator of the UniversalTV streaming service has the distinct advantage of being able to add an infinite quantity of content to the platform.

  •  Furthermore, as an administrator, they have complete end-to-end information regarding the content available on the platform.

  •  This covers in-depth information about each TV show or film, as well as any songs discussed or featured in it.

  •  This improves the viewing experience by allowing the user to find and appreciate the musical aspects embedded into their favorite shows and movies.

User Pain Points

  • To access as much content as possible, users are compelled to use many systems.

  • If you have to pay a lot for your subscription and potentially another one, you may use pirated websites to watch content that is prohibited in your region or not in the system.

  • Binge watching can be unpleasant for some viewers, who feel obligated to watch the next episode.

  • Some people are unwilling to pay money in order to gain access to the contents.

  • There isn't a lot of variety in terms of viewing options.

  • In the variety of the same system, there is a distinction between countries.

User Interviews

Participants answered 12 questions on their experience using existing platforms, their basic needs and struggles, and which information is most relevant to them in closed interviews.

23 people completed the survey.


  •  Users use a few platforms to access more content.

  •  They pay for a few subscription accounts or access pirate websites.

  • Some users would not enjoy the binge experience if they did not want to watch it.

  • Some people are unwilling to pay for content.


User Journey

User Journey.png

User Flow

User Flow.png

High Fidelity Wireframes

I started creating the wireframes after obtaining all the data.

Movie Page

ווירפריים עמוד סרט.png

Movie Search

חיפוש אופציות.png

Movie Theater screen

מסך צפייה קולנוע.png
מסך צפייה מלא.png

Design Guidelines

Color Palette

I've always wanted to design a simple streaming service program in dark mode that would provide amazing streaming viewing.
I built this application with an all-in-one service that offered an endless amount of alternatives for watching whatever customers desired, without the differences prevalent in today's streaming services.

Fonts and Typography











I used "Prompt" and "Numans" for the main type and "Heebo" for the headers when designing UniverseTV. These sans-serif fonts and highly readable in my opinion. Making streaming experience fun and easy. 


Main Text


Main Text





Button Design

Log in BTN.png
Add Watchlist.png

Micro Interactions

play bar.png
Play BTN.png
Frame 3.png
Complete Design

Design Solution

iMac 24 inch2.png
iPad Mini 2021.png
MacBook Pro 18.png


The page displays every possible variety of content to watch, from upcoming and new content to old favorites.


You can use the search for movies and television shows, as well as the extensive search options, to learn more about actors, directors, and songs featured in films or television episodes. as well as information on the production's actors, directors, and so on.

Movie page

The page contains detailed information about the actors, directors, and other works they have done, as well as the IMDb content rating, trailer viewing, and so on.

Movie Theater screen

The function recreates the atmosphere and perspective of a movie theater at home, complete with seats and a huge screen. Simply add your own popcorn and enjoy the movie.


During the research and design phase of UniverseTV, I meticulously addressed the shortcomings of existing streaming services. Once the development was complete, I recognized the importance of incorporating features such as the option to switch between dark and light modes for viewing. Additionally, I made sure that advanced and normal search functionalities are conveniently displayed in a small section rather than occupying the entire screen.

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